The picture of the year. Bruno Segers

My good old friend Jozef Schildermans, trappist beer drinker, historician and -last but not least- ICT journalist with a proven track record has a unique frustration. Jozef knows how to write and how to tell stories to his friends. But Jozef does not know how to take pictures. Triggered by the fact that people don’t read his articles but only have a look at the pictures made by professional photographers he became an Adobe Photoshop addict. Yesterday he made a unique ‘shooting’ by combining the pope’s visit to UK, child abuse and Borat into one picture. Quite proud he posted the result of his work on his Facebook profile. But one day later this unique picture disappeared. Another victime of the fact that companies like Google and Facebook censor content on their systems without any transparency. Jozef voiced his concern already in his blog today but we can do better …
Let me be clear on this; I don’t like the picture since I think it’s too easy but I don’t like at all the censoring mechanism applied by companies like Google and Facebook.
So, do me a favour, post this picture today on your Facebook profile and tell me when it will suddenly disappear. I will do you another favour. This picture will stay on my blog. Until Microsoft is censoring it.

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