Mr. Obama, the internet told us the truth about #MH17, only you can tell the world the truth about #MH370. Do it. And do it now.

A year ago we’ve launched together with a few soulmates an internet startup IrisPact with a clear mission to bring a new balance on the internet based on privacy, a basic human right.

For several reasons we were unable to bring our concept to economic reality but I’m more than happy to see that initiatives such as Respect Network and the right to be forgotten continue to strive towards this ideal. Thanks to our parents we could get a grip on the slavery problem but if we don’t act now our children will get exposed to digital traffickers such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. Slaves worked for free, digital traffickers make money on digital knowledge they don’t own. You have the right to Own Your Own Data #OYOD. If you still don’t see the problem read a little bit about Jaron Lanier.

Yes, it’s going wrong with the internet, with privacy and with so many other digital topics. And yes, every individual deserves his digital privacy and the right to be forgotten. Google knows everything about it. In their battle with European Union and other regulatory offices. But the truth does not deserve the right to be forgotten.

Indeed, this week the internet helped all of us with its “collective memory” role. MH17 was shot down by pro-Russian rebels who made a big mistake. Yelled victory on the internet but removed their outing after discovering their big mistake. You can’t find their first victory anymore but luckily the web has its own archive. You can find the truth here. And if you don’t understand Russian, no problem.

Over the coming days politicians will start the public debate and commissions will start investigating the case but you can find the truth already on the internet. All of us claim the right for privacy and the right to be forgotten but all of us should be happy this is not the case yet. As a consequence we can discover the truth easily. So let’s take the right measures against pro-Russian rebels who made a big mistake and killed all innocent people from flight #MH17.

And now back to flight #MH370. In this global, always on, always connected world the internet showed how to solve the #MH17 mystery in one day but after so many months a lot of families are still waiting for the truth about flight #MH370.

The right indications can however be found on the internet for several months already via a simple search on ‘MH370 & Diego Garcia’. Just try it and discover the results.

In the worst case scenario flight #MH370 was on its way to the Diego Garcia island for a “nine eleven” alike mission and was shot down pro-actively. In the best case flight #MH370 landed on Diego Garcia and all passengers are still there. The answer can’t be found on the internet but is in American intelligence systems.

My simple request to President Obama. Please stand up and speak. The internet gave the answer to the families of the #MH17 flight IN ONE DAY. You -and only you- can give the answer to the families of the #MH370 flight AFTER MANY MONTHS.

No one believes there is no intelligence about #MH370 in this global, always on, always connected digital world. And you know that. Mr. Obama. The truth has not the right to be forgotten.

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